Brian's Kenpo Page - Kenpo Black Belt 4 Techniques

Black Belt 4 Self Defense Techniques

These are the remaining 64 Extensions:

Swinging Pendulum
Charging Ram
Parting Wings
Thundering Hammer
Squeezing The Peach
Darting Mace
Hooking Wings
Shield & Sword
Gift In Return
Bow Of Compulsion
Obstructing The Storm
Twin Kimono
Spiraling Twig
Cross Of Destruction
Flight To Freedom

Begging Hands
Thrusting Wedge
Flashing Wings
Huggung Pendulum
Repeated Devastation
Etangled Wing
Defying The Storm
Raking Mace
Snaking Talon
Shield & Mace
Retreating Pendulum
Tripping Arrow
Fallen Cross
Returning The Storm
Crossed Twigs
Twist Of Fate
Flashing Mace
Gift Of Destiny
Wings Of Silk
Gripping Talon
Gathering Clouds
Destructive Twins
Broken Ram
Circling The Horizon

Obscure Claws
Encounter With Danger
Circling Destruction
Detour From Doom
Squatting Sacrifice
Escape From Death
Brushing The Storm
Menacing Twirl
Leap From Danger
Circles Of Protection
Circle Of Doom
Broken Gift
Heavenly Ascent
Capturing The Storm
Conquering Shield
Taming The Mace
Twirling Sacrifice
Cross Of Death
Securing The Storm
Intercepting The Ram
Kneel Of Compulsion
Clipping The Storm
Glancing Wing
The Back Breaker

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