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Parker Kenpo Techniques

Techniqes, in Mr. Parker's own words, give definition and meaning to the basic fundamentals. Although each technique sequence is different, it follows a logical and systematic pattern that can provide basic fundamentals in an attack.

Because each attack of the same type can be different and because each individual is physically different, the techniques should be viewed as a basic idea that can, and should, be tailored to both the situation at hand and the talents of the individual.

While practicing techniques, understanding how to dummy for a technique is 50% of understanding the technique. You need to know the basic moves, but you also need to know what you are doing to the attacker and what the most likely reactions are. Because techniques are just examples of motion, not knowing how a technique is designed to work implies you don't understand what the technique is doing and therefore don't understand motion.

Something to think about when running a technique, particularly for the spontaneous phase of Kenpo: If the attacker blocks or checks one of your strikes, view it as a deviation rather than an obstruction and flow into another move. This line of thinking helped me realize that you don't always have to bail out of your technique if the attacker stops a particular strike. (Thanks Scott)

Self Defense Categories
Techniques are grouped into the followings categories, listed in order of the degree of difficulty in handling an attack of each type.
Grabs & Tackles
Holds & Hugs
Chokes & Locks
Multiple Attacks
Combinations of the Above

Technique Alterations
Prefix Begin the technique in a different way
Suffix Add an extension to the end of the technique
Insert Add a check or simultaneous strike without changing the timing
Re-arrange Use the same pieces in a different order
Alter Varying the weapon, target, or both
Adjust Adjust the range (depth) and/or Angle of Execution (width and height) of a move.
Regulate Modify the speed, power and/or intent of a move
Delete Remove a beat, modifying the timing of the technique
Add Add a whole new beat, modifying the timing of the technique

In addition to the lists below, I have a list of techniques by category available and I'm beginning a list of Technique Families.

All the techniques in the Parker system are listed here, although not in the original order outlined in the Web of Knowledge in Ed Parker's book (Infinite Insights Into Kenpo, #5). This is the order my school teaches them. There are also many more extensions not mentioned here. I'm working on resolving that.

Following each move of each technique, I'm adding names of other techniques that you can easily flow into from that position. Sometimes it's the beginning of another technique, sometimes the middle or end. This is an easy way to see how the techniques blend together.

Beginner Techniques
Yellow Belt Orange Belt Purple Belt Blue Belt
Delayed Sword Lone Kimono Conquering Shield Spiraling Twig
Aggressive Twins Crossing Talons Crossed Twigs Gripping Talon
Sword Of Destruction Twirling Wings Grip Of Death Crushing Hammer
Deflecting Hammer Scraping Hooves Crashing Wings Parting Wings
Grasp Of Death Striking Serpents Head Circling Wing Shield & Sword
Checking The Storm Thrusting Prongs Tripping Arrow Sleeper
Gift Of Destruction Shielding Hammer Leaping Crane Five Swords
Mace Of Aggression Reversing Mace Swinging Pendulum Retreating Pendulum
Attacking Mace Buckling Branch Evading The Storm Defying The Storm
Intellectual Departure Clutching Feathers Obscure Sword Charging Ram
  Triggered Salute Snapping Twig Darting Mace
  Glancing Salute Raining Claw Flight To Freedom
  Thrusting Salute Twisted Twig Locking Horns
  Obscure Wing Squeezing The Peach Bow Of Compulsion
  Spreading Branch Captured Leaves Obstructing The Storm
  Repeating Mace Calming The Storm Gift In Return

Intermediate Techniques
Green Belt 3rd Brown Belt 2nd Brown Belt 1st Brown Belt
Glancing Spear Desperate Falcons Protecting Fans Obscure Claws
Locked Wing Dominating Circles Unfurling Crane Cross Of Destruction
Repeated Devastation Hooking Wings Defensive Cross Entangled Wing
Destructive Twins Blinding Sacrifice Circling Fans Circling The Horizon
Wings Of Silk Shield & Mace Snaking Talon Dance Of Death
Thrusting Wedge Circles Of Protection Unwinding Pendulum Rotating Destruction
Thundering Hammers Gathering Clouds Twirling Hammers Circling Destruction
Brushing The Storm Destructive Kneel Prance Of The Tiger Backbreaker
Flashing Wings Capturing The Storm Dance Of Darkness Securing The Storm
Begging Hands Broken Ram Heavenly Ascent Falcons Of Force
Raking Mace Menacing Twirl Escape From Death Taming The Mace
Flashing Mace Gift Of Destiny Squatting Sacrifice Broken Gift
Fallen Cross Twist Of Fate Grasping Eagles Intercepting The Ram
Returning The Storm Escape From Darkness Encounter With Danger The Bear & The Ram
Hugging Pendulum Deceptive Panther Circle Of Doom Courting The Tiger
Twin Kimono Cross Of Death Kneel Of Compulsion The Ram & The Eagle

Advanced Techniques
1st Black Belt 2nd Black Belt 3rd Black Belt 4th Black Belt
Falling Falcon Clutching Feathers Ext. Reversing Mace Ext.  
Twirling Sacrifice Triggered Salute Ext. Buckling Branch Ext.  
Destructive Fans Dance Of Death Ext. Thrusting Prongs Ext.  
Clipping The Storm Gift Of Destruction Ext. Twisted Twig Ext.  
Raining Lance Locking Horns Ext. Obscure Sword Ext.  
Thrust Into Darkness Lone Kimono Ext. Repeating Mace Ext.  
Leap Of Death Glancing Salute Ext. Raining Claw Ext.  
Glancing Lance Five Swords Ext. Crashing Wings Ext.  
Captured Rod Scraping Hooves Ext. Captured Leaves Ext.  
Glancing Wing Grip Of Death Ext. Evading The Storm Ext.  
Thrusting Lance Crossing Talons Ext. Twirling Wings Ext.  
Broken Rod Shielding Hammer Ext. Snapping Twig Ext.  
Entwined Lance Thrusting Salute Ext. Leaping Crane Ext.  
Defying The Rod Striking Serpents Head Ext. Crushing Hammer Ext.  
Unfolding The Dark Locked Wing Ext. Circling Wing Ext.  
Fatal Deviation Obscure Wing Ext. Calming The Storm Ext.  
Twisted Rod   Unfurling Lance  
Entwined Maces   Clipping The Lance  
Detour From Doom   Circling The Storm  
Leap From Danger   Escape From The Storm  

Other Techniques
Yin Yang
Alternating Maces Captured Twigs Sword & Hammer Gathering The Snakes
Parting Of The Snakes Snakes Of Wisdom Marriage Of The Rams Piercing Lance
Circling Windmills Bowing To Buddha Reversing Circles Reprimanding The Bears
Darting Leaves Fatal Cross    

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