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Parker Kenpo Technique Families

I'm still working on this concept of Family Related Moves, but I've seen it and am beginning to understand it. There's lots to figure out in this area. I consider my explanations in this area to be very simplistic because that's all I understand of this particular concept. I'm learning...

As you train and learn about Parker Kenpo, you'll probably come to the initial realization that some of the higher belt techniques seem to be little more than combinations of pieces from lower ranking techniques. I came to this conclusion (for better or worse) anyway.

Further inspection/disection of the various moves will show that many techniques (not just higher ranking ones) are the same, but different. Sounds odd, but take these into consideration:

Take a standard type of attack (say a left handed grab on our shirt)
Take a standard defense (Lone Kimono)
Modify the attack somewhat and apply some Technique Alterations

From here you'll see that you can take a particular attack / defense combination and mold it to work in a variety of circumstances (since reality dictates us that no 2 people will execute the same attack the exact same way) and you can come up with a different technique.

By way of example, the following techniques are the same basic technique, altered to account for distance and position of both the attacker and us.

Lone Kimono (Left hand grab & push, ready with right punch)

  1. Starts with attacker pushing us back (locking out their arm), preparing to punch. Attackers center line is partially closed (they are at a 45 degree angle to us).
  2. If cross comes in as a hooking punch (to the outside) as we're breaking elbow, block it, swing the arm under and to the right and run Cross Of Destruction.
  3. If cross comes in as a straight punch (to the inside) as we're breaking elbow, we can parry to right with our right hand and run Crossing Talons, Shield & Mace, Backbreaker, etc.
Conquering Shield (Left hand grab & pull, ready with right punch)
  1. This is a closer version of Lone Kimono. Since we're pulled in close to the attacker, we'll replace the long range weapons (punches, hand swords) with short range weapons (elbows, claws).
  2. We can't get under attackers arm (because it's bent) and we're close-range so we go OVER their arm with a right inward forearm strike and a simultaneous right kick to damage elbow and cancel their width, nullifying the right punch.
Twin Kimono (Two handed grab and push, attacker locking his arms)
  1. Same as Lone Kimono, but begins with us in the center line (attacker is straight on)
  2. We end up stepping back to 4:30 to cancel attackers width zone and give us back the Angle of Incidence for depth cancellation and the hand sword.
  3. We do a solar plexus strike as we step back because we need something to fill the gap as we move our stance.
  4. Finished the same as Lone Kimono.
Raking Mace (Two handed grab & pull in, attackers arms are bent)
  1. A closer version of Twin Kimono (hence similar to Lone Kimono and Conquering Shield), but since we're pulled in and attackers arms are bent we can't complete the elbow break, so we use an uppercut to solar plexus (shorter range weapon).
  2. Since attacker is in the center line, we use left Outward Hand Sword to create a little distance between us.
  3. Since we're closer than in Lone Kimono we use the right inward/downward hammerfist to temple & nose to cancel attackers height (Lone Kimono's hammerfist was to the arms).
  4. The right Outward Hand Sword is similar to that of Lone Kimono, but at less of an angle since attacker is not bent over and we remain in their center line.
  5. As it happens, this technique is Five Swords rearranged.
Mace Of Aggression (Two handed grab & pull in, attackers arms are bent)
  1. This is Conquering Shield on the horizontal (elbows up/down in Conquering Shield and left/right here). We cancelled the attackers width in Conquering Shield and we cancel their height here.
  2. First move is the inward/downward hammerfist to the temple/nose and down the arms, which we saw used for the same reason (height cancellation) in Raking Mace and Lone Kimono.
  3. Instead of the kick from Conquering Shield, we use a stomp to cancel attackers height.
Cross Of Death (Two handed grab & choke)
  1. A closer and more dangerous (to us) version of Mace of Aggression.
  2. Similar to Raking Mace and Conquering Shield with attackers arms twisted to choke us.
  3. Again, we go over the top of the arms (a la Conquering Shield) because we can't get underneath to break the elbow.
  4. Then we do go underneath with an uppercut (a la Raking Mace) and finish outside as we do in Twin Kimono and Lone Kimono.

Another family grouping of a slightly different type. In this grouping we begin by working high, middle and low off the same attack, but we end the techniques in very different manners. These techniques complete a category by showing us we can go high, middle and low off the same attack, a right step through punch:

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