Brian's Kenpo Page - Revision History
Revision History

This page is not part of my general notes. A few people have mentioned that they troll the site looking for changes and additions. The majority of the changes I make to my notes are spelling and wording changes or minor additions that would likely be difficult to find. So, here is a revision history. I hope it's of use.

Date Description
10-Dec-2000 Brian's Parker Kenpo page has moved to it's new home at
21-Apr-2000 Added links to united Karate and Kenpo Chile on the sites page
7-Apr-2000 Added link to Ed Parker, Jr's page on the sites page
14-Mar-2000 Fixed some typo's in Form 4 (wrong left/right's and wrong angles)
3-Mar-2000 Added some technique flow information for Five Swords
27-Feb-2000 Made some wording changes to Blinding Sacrifice and Dominating Circles
21-Feb-2000 Changed link to universal Kenpo Karate Discussion Forum on sites page
20-Nov-1999 Added Tennessee Katana Kenpo alliance link to sites page
5-Nov-1999 Added Katana Kenpo alliance link to sites page
7-Sep-1999 Added next 2 moves of Form 6
24-Aug-1999 Added link to Yin Kui Tsin Hao Kempo on sites page
18-Aug-1999 Added a couple what if techniques to notes page
11-Aug-1999 Added next 2 sets of Form 6
Added Leaping Crane extension
Minor rewording to (and added technique flow to) Entwined Lance
Added first pass at kicking set 2 (needs some rewording)
01-Jul-1999 Added Captured Leaves and Calming the Storm extensions
Modified link to Kenpo Exchange
25-Apr-1999 Added link to Oz Kenpo and Kenpo discussion forum on sites page
17-Apr-1999 Added another piece to similar attacks/different defenses on the notes page
01-Apr-1999 Added Crashing Wings extension
28-Mar-1999 Added Escape From The Storm to Form 6
22-Mar-1999 Added link to Kenpo Exchange on sites page
10-Mar-1999 Added Raining Claw extension
06-Mar-1999 Added Repeating Mace extension
26-Feb-1999 Wording changes and additions to the top of the main techniques page
Added additional stuff to the similar and opposite technique sections of the notes page
Fixed a typo on the inward parry description on the Blocks/Parries page
Rewrote Short Form 3 and added some footnotes
24-Feb-1999 Added Obscure Sword extension
11-Feb-1999 Added Twisted Twig extension
8-Feb-1999 Minor wording changes to Circling The Storm in Form 6
Added two additional form footnotes for Long 2
2-Feb-1999 Added the next 3 techniques in Form 6
20-Jan-1999 Added Thrusting Prongs extension description
Added missing kick to Unfurling Lance in Form 6
22-Jan-1999 Added link to Marcel de Jong's page
Added Reversing Mace extention description
14-Jan-1999 Added Buckling Branch extension description
06-Jan-1999 Added Thrusting Salute descriptions to Form 6 and modified Clipping the Lance angles
03-Jan-1999 Added link to Xena's Kenpo Karate Web and Todd Durgan's page
31-Dec-1998 Added beginnings of Form 6
Added technique definitions (outlines) for Clipping the Lance and Unfurling Lance
Modified descriptions of Unfurling Crane, Clipping the Storm, Glancing Lance, Captured Rod and Thrusting Lance
16-Dec-1998 Wording and technique flow changes to Spiraling Twig
Minor wording changes to Glancing Spear
Modified description and angles on Deceptive Panther and Thrust Into Darkness
Modified descriptions of Falcons of Force, The Bear and The Ram, The Ram and The Eagle and Courting the Tiger
9-Sep-1998 Form 5 adjustments in Dance of Death
28-Aug-1998 Added link to Sean McCown's site
Changed incorrect wording on the Defense description of Sword and Hammer
10-Aug-1998 Added link to Uechi Ryu site
01-Jul-1998 fixed typos and modified wording on parts of Form 7.
Added link to Jason B's page
27-Jun-1998 Modified inproper wording on Gathering the Snakes, Parting of the Snakes
27-Jun-1998 Made each set of forms it's own page to cut down on load time
Fixed typos in Form 4 and Form 7
14-Jun-1998 Added first 16 sets of Form 7
Added link to Kenpo Club page
10-Jun-1998 Added beginning of Form 7
Added a couple things to the Similar and Opposite techniques section of the notes page
Added technique flow to Twirling Hammers
Modified wording and added technique flow for Broken Ram
30-May-1998 Added link to Silent Warrior page
Wording changes to many Orange belt techniques
11-May-1998 Added a couple things to the Similar and Opposite techniques section of the notes page
Made wording changes and added technique flow info to Raining Claw
Rewrote Lock FLow #1
02-May-1998 Added Sher Khan site link
24-Apr-1998 Updated VAMA site link
24-Apr-1998 Minor changes to the look of the notes page
Wrote up the technique info for Twisted Rod
Fixed typos in Lock Flow #3 notes
12-Apr-1998 Rewrote Short Form 1, Long Form 1, Short Form 2 and Long Form 2 with more detail and added footnotes for important information
02-Apr-1998 Added info to similar and opposite techniques on notes page
22-Mar-1998 Added technique flow for Conquering Shield and Lone Kimono
18-Mar-1998 Made a couple wording changes to Form 5
Added technique flow information to Triggered Salute and Glancing Salue
Added link to Mike Swan's page
11-Mar-1998 Made a couple adjustments to the Book Set
08-Mar-1998 Wording change to Thrusting Prongs
Added technique flow info Shielding Hammer
04-Mar-1998 Added info to Similar Techniques section of notes page
Wording change to Scraping Hooves and Rotating Destruction
Added technique flow info Rotating Destruction
Added link to Golden Lion Kempo on sites page
02-Mar-1998 Switched directions of circling the Horizon techniques in Form 5
Added link to MA Wired on the sites page
24-Feb-1998 Added info to Similar and Opposite Techniques section of notes page
Added animated GIFs for most yellow belt techniques
20-Feb-1998 Added info to Opposite Techniques section of notes page
Added technique flow for Twin Kimono
Minor change to look of footer on all pages
11-Feb-1998 Added technique flow info for Cross of Death, Broken Ram, Locked Wing, Dance of Darkness, Grasp of Death and Repeated Devastation.
Wording changes to Locked Wing and Dance of Darkness
06-Feb-1998 Wording changes to Leaping Crane
Added remainder of Form 5 description
Added more info from the stick/knife seminar
Added extension definition for Lone Kimono
Fixed a number of hyperlink typos in Brown 1, Black 1 and Black 2 notes
29-Jan-1998 Added technique flow info for Delayed Sword, Sword of Destruction, Entwined Maces, Desperate Falcons, Snaking Talon and Heavenly Ascent
20-Jan-1998 Added Sticks/Knives seminar page
Added Sticks/Knives link to main page
Added technique definition for Locking Horns extension
Added technique flow info for Circles of Protection, Shielding Hammer, Thrusting Prongs, Spreading Branch
09-Jan-1998 Added technique flow info for Mace of Aggression, Shield and Mace, Flashing Wings
Added info to Opposite Techniques section of notes page
Added definition of White Dot Focus to terms page
17-Dec-1997 Added the 3rd 12-point lock flow to grappling page
11-Dec-1997 Added the 2nd 12-point lock flow to grappling page
26-Nov-1997 Added info to Similar Techniques section of notes page
Modified wording (targets actually) in Shield and Mace and Intercepting the Ram
22-Nov-1997 Added extension definition for Glancing Salute
Minor changes to Form 5 description
Insignificant style changes on notes page
10-Nov-1997 Added extension definition for Striking Serpents Head
28-Oct-1997 Fixed some typos in Stance Set 2
Added extension definition for Obscure Wing
Added technique flow info for Circling Fans
Added info on Universal Pattern to Notes page
Added technique flow info for Entwined Maces, Snaking Talons and Gift of Destruction
24-Oct-1997 Added extension definitions for Five Swords and Crossing Talons
Added the names of the remaining extensions to the Black 4 page
Fixed some HTML typos on the Black 3 page
Corrected Scrapping Hooves extension
18-Oct-1997 Reworked the terms page
Removed tables from the techniques page for a cleaner view
16-Oct-1997 Added About page.
Updated Stance Set 1 info and added hand movements to Stance Set 2.
Reworded Form 5 description and added Falling Falcon to it.

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