Brian's Kenpo Page - The Rotating Twist Stance



Rear hand is power hand
Can be use to change direction
Provides torque
Gets us out of our own way
Provides easy method for transitioning into other techniques


The rotating twist begins from a Neutral Bow. Turn your forward foot outward (rotating on the ball of the foot) so that your toes point to the side. At the same time, bend your rear knee and sink your body so that your rear knee is 6" off the ground. Your front foot is flat on the floor and you are on the ball of your rear foot.

Any technique that's a defense against a punch or kick can be run starting with a rotating twist stance by altering weapons and targets and adding inserts to get where we need to be in the flow of a particular technique.

Some examples of how it might be used.

  1. Left hand grab with right cross, while you are in a Left Neutral Bow (the "wrong" position for Lone Kimono, Snapping Twig and Conquering Shield.
    • Into twist while pinning hand with my left hand and doing right elbow into attackers elbow to break elbow and zone out of the punch.

      This is the beginning of Lone Kimono, Snapping Twig and Conquering Shield altering weapons and targets.

    • Right claw to face into frictional pull down attackers arm while doing left outward hand sword to throat or left eye poke. Can also use left hand to ward off attackers right punch.

      Second move of Snapping Twig

    • Right Rear Ball Kick to attackers right knee as we begin to Cancel Height of attacker. As we land from kick do right inward/downward hammerfist to face into right outward hand sword to neck then right elbow sandwich to face.

      End of Snapping Twig with a kick insert

    • Into twist stance again while doing right back knuckle to face (right arm then checks off attackers left arm), left heel palm to chest, left Rear Ball Kick to groin into left elbow to face and cover out.

  2. Left hand grab with right cross, while you are in Left Neutral Bow (an alteration of 1. above).
    • Into twist stance while left hand pins attackers hand and do right inward thrusting block (like height cancellation in lone kimono) on grab arm to cancel attackers height, break elbow and zone out the punch.

      This is the beginning of Conquering Shield.

    • Right knee to attackers left thigh while doing right inward elbow to attackers face.

      End of Delayed Sword altering weapons and targets.

    • Right rear elbow to face and left heel palm to chest. This is the beginning of Obscure Claws altering weapons.

  3. Right hand grab with left cross, while you are in a Left Neutral Bow (same stance as 1. and 2. above, but opposite grab & punch).
    • Into twist with right thrusting block on grab hand and left parry on punching hand.

      Drawing attacker in to zone their punch behind us.

    • Right shin kick to groin while getting left hand under attackers arm and circling to left to switch their direction.

      Directional switch.

    • Left hand hangs onto attackers arm while right elbow goes into armpit. Right heel kick to attackers shin while pushing out and down with right elbow to take attackers down forwards.

      Crossing Talons takedown

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